Help wanted

Help us to enhance this site

We are looking for new stuff (pictures, historic notes, etc.) to update and ehnance this web site; retrieving such material is a hard and time-consuming activity, so we are asking to you, aviation enthusiasts, historians or aircraft spotters to help us out. If you own stuff suitable for publication within this web site, please consider to share it with us.

What we need

  1. Pictures: we have very few pictures and historic facts about the first years of our beloved 14º Gruppo, i.e. about the 1955-1970 period. It would be great to get some photos or color profiles of the following:
    • P-51D of the 14º Gruppo / 2º Stormo;
    • DH-100 Vampire of the 2º Stormo;
    • F-86E (Canadair CL.13) of the 2º Stormo;
    • G-91 of the 14º Gruppo;
  2. More info: some details and clarifications about which aircraft were actually assigned to the 14º Gruppo and the dates, would also be useful.
  3. Spotters: to all the aircraft spotters out there: if you have photos or movements/serials of the aircraft of the 14º Gruppo, please share them with us.
  4. Better translation: the English translation of this site is (very) far from perfect: so, if you wish and you have the skills, please help us to improve these pages. Some of them does NOT have a translation at all…

How to send your photos or notes

To send us your stuff, please use this e-mail; to filter out spam, please write the string "nibbio14" at the beginning of the "subject" field.

We prefer working on high-resolution images and then crop or scale them down to a suitable size, so if possible please send in photos or print scannings at least 300 dpi large, saved in JPEG with a low compression factor.

The papers about historic notes or translation revisions, could be attached to the e-mail preferably as plain text files(.txt extension), ODT files or PDF documents.