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AMXs at Rivolto A.B. - Part Two

Nine-ship formation fly-by during "Giornata Azzurra 2000" Open Day on September 9th-10th, 2000.
The aircraft were: MM7167/2-01, MM7129/2-03, MM7168/2-04, MM7172/2-07, MM7171/2-15, MM7133/2-18, MM7176/2-20, MM7177/2-22, MM7178/2-24

The first AMX delivered at the 14º Gruppo: 2-01 - MM.7091
(© Gordon Zammit -

2-02 | MM.7185

2-03 | MM.7129

2-03 | MM.7129

2-06 | MM.7169

2-06 | MM.7169
Ship 2-06 was one of the four aircraft of the 14º Gruppo modified to install a VOR/ILS receiver; the antennas of this system are visible on the tail fin side, just above the Wing badge.

2-07 | MM.7172
AMX 2-07 taxies in front of the 339s of the PAN during the "Giornata Azzurra" Open Day held on September 2000 at Rivolto.

2-02 | MM.7099
2-07 | MM.7143
These AMXs of the first production batch were among the first aircraft delivered to the 14º Gruppo at the beginning of the '90s. The colored Wing badge carried by 2-02 was soon replaced by the black, low-visibility one.
(© Sergio Gava -

2-03 - MM7102

Four-ship formation.

2-14 | MM.7151
Ship MM. 7151 replaced MM. 7110 in carring the "2-14" number in 2001; here MM. 7151 is depicted just after delivery to the 14º Gruppo, freshly repainted after being overhauled at the 3º RMV (3rd Aircraft Maintainance Unit).

2-15 | MM.7171

2-20 | MM.7176
Ship 2-20 fly past the Miramare castle (Trieste).

2-18 | MM.7133
"Giornata Azzurra 2000" Open Day, September 2001, Rivolto.

2-21 | MM.7161

2-14 | MM. 7110
Painting of Roberto Zanella

2-23 | MM.7170
AMX 2-23 in static display during the "Giornata Azzurra" Open Day on September 2000. In foregroung is visible the pneumatic cart used to load/unload the M61A1 gun.