History of the 2º Stormo

Last modified: 17 Oct. 2010

A second birth

The 2ª Aerobrigata was reconstituted in Treviso on 1 October 1964 as «2º Stormo Caccia Tattici Ricognitori Leggeri» (Light Tactical Fighter-Recce Wing) with the 14º Gruppo (156ª, 157ª and 158ª Squadriglia) and 103º Gruppo (210ª, 213ª, 243ª Squadriglia) both equipped with the Fiat G-91R: it was the first Unit to be equipped with an Italian-designed aircraft since the end of World War II.

With the new aircraft, the Unit carried out numerous exercises to show the G-91's outstanding capability of operating from every sort of terrain to national and NATO officials. The Germans were especially impressed: the G-91 performed attack missions using 250 lb bombs, non-guided rockets and strafing runs; then, after landing on a grass airstrip, the aircraft were refuelled and rearmed (in just 35 minutes) and took off from the same grass airstrip, re-engaging the targets with different mission profiles. All missions were flown below 2000 ft.

In 1967 the 14º Gruppo was assigned to the NATO Forces and had the chance to do many Squadron Exchange in differnt European Country, while between 1970 and 1972 it took part at the "Best Hit" exercises in Istrana, Eskiesehir and Larissa, winning the trophy of the "Best Bombing Unit" of the 5th ATAF in Turkey.
At the beginning of '70s the Stormo was renamed «2º Stormo CBR» (Caccia Bombardieri Ricognitori, Fighter Bomber Reconnaissance) and remained the last Italian Unit to fly the G-91R since the 32º Stormo handed over its own aircraft to be equipped later with the new twin-engine G-91Y.

Reconstitution (1946-1962)
The years of the «Ghibli» (1990-2002)