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AMXs at Rivolto A.B. - Part One

AMX 2-01 | MM.7167
Ship 2-01 depicted between HAS 11 and 12 at Rivolto AB, taxiing toward Runway 06.

The AMX flight line at Rivolto AB; in foreground, the AerMacchi-built P-60T pneumatic starter.

2-02 | MM.7185
Ship 2-02 just after landing; note the lift dumpers completely extended. Lift dumpers are also actuated asimmetrically by FCCs as roll control surfaces.

AMX 2-03 | MM.7129
Ship 2-03 parked in front of HAS 13 at Rivolto AB; before wearing the 2º Stormo emblem on the tail fin and the number "2-03" (replacing aircraft MM. 7102), this aircraft flown with the 3º Stormo: still visible at the base of the tail fin are the signs of the over-painting of the word "Buscaglia", emblem of the 3º Stormo.

AMX 2-03 | MM.7129
One more shot of "2-03", parked in front of HAS 10 at the end of the flight activity..

AMX 2-03 | MM.7129
Again 2-03, taxiing during the Open Day "Giornata Azzurra" on September 2000 at Rivolto AB.

AMX 2-04 | MM.7168

AMX 2-04 | MM.7168

AMX 2-07 | MM.7172
Ship 2-07 in front of HAS 7 ready for take off. This configuration without external fuel tanks is uncommon and usually seen during test flight at the end of periodic airframe/engine major inspection.

AMX-T 2-10 | MM.55045
The 14º used this two-seater for few years before all AMX-T were transfered to the 101º Gruppo OCU at Amendola A.B. near Foggia.

AMX 2-15 | MM.7171

AMX 2-20 | MM.7176

AMX 2-22 | MM.7177

Tight formation of four AMX and one AMX-T: note the big, rarely used, 1100 litres fuel tanks on the inboard pylons. (photo Pojer)

AMX 2-23 | MM.7170

2-25 | MM.7153