14th Squadron (ItAF) Home Page


On December 2002, the Italian Air Force has decided to apply a shake-up of the Units equipped with the AMX, defined since 1997, which has led the 14th Squadron to be disbanded and all the remaining resources of this weapon system to be concentrated on two operative air bases (Istrana AB and Amendola AB). The 14th Squadron ceased to be an RRF operative Unit, has been "emptied" by all of its assets and turned into a MDF-R Unit, the prelude to the definitive disbandment.

With this decision the Italian Air Force has given up one of its Unit with major traditions, and the only Unit equipped with the AMX which can boast about 25,000 flight hours with this aircraft without losing any aircraft. This unmatched safety record is due to both the AMX reliability and the excellent technical qualification of the people that have worked at the 14th Squadron.

This web site will be kept alive and updated even now that the 14th Squadron has ceased to operate: it will be the keeper of its memories and traditions and the point of contact for anybody who has worked under the Kite's wings; these pages are dedicated to these people and their obscure work, to the pilots, the maintenance crew and support personnel that day after day provided all the necessary efforts to carry out the assigned mission, and to let everybody know the past of this Unit that has given so much to the Air Force and to our Country